Baker's Acres

Farm History

The Bakers purchased 100 acres of farmland in Isanti County in 1982. On it was an abandoned farmstead with the fixer upper barn (above). The farmhouse was built in 1920. Although the land hadn't been farmed for awhile, Dave Baker saw that it had a lot of potential. Below is their updated farmhouse nestled in lilac, walnut and white oak trees where they have a large garden and apple trees. They also added a pole barn, pole sheds, and a hoop barn.

Dave Baker is a self-taught farmer who started farming the conventional way but never cared for the idea of fast growth in livestock using hormones and chemicals on crops. Dave started reading more about organic farming and decided to start alternative and sustainable methods of farming. He attended workshops, field days, and conferences to listen and learn as much as he could about organic farming. He gradually began composting, practicing better crop rotation, planting cover crops, and getting rid of chemicals. In 2005 the farm was certified by OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association). Besides farming, Dave and Karen are members of the City Center Market Co-op.

Dave and Karen have 130 acres, consisting of their farmhouse, buildings, and tillable ground, surrounded by acres of wildlife habitat and beautiful ponds. Besides their own land, Dave rents parcels from nearby neighbors on which he farms organically, raising most of his crops such as corn and hay. They are one of a few organic farms in the area. They believe strongly in eating healthy and not only growing food organically but returning everything they can back to the land in natural form.

Baker's Acres Organic Farming